The Fresh Fallen Snow

The Abandoned Playground

All night the snow was falling on our little city.  Hours of snow pouring from the sky, coating the sidewalks, streets and branches.  The light reflecting off the white powder turned an otherwise dark night into a bright, glowing wonderland.  We watched out the window in awe with our hot beverages in our cozy pajamas.  The snow piling higher and higher with no end in sight kept us in anticipation of what we would find when day finally broke. 

The morning brought amazement and wonder.  The snow coated everything at least a foot deep. Fresh untainted snow.  No prints, no tire tracks, just soft, sparkling white.  How I longed to make the first prints in the flawless, fluffy landscape.  I stepped out into the crisp morning air and felt the first crunch beneath my feet.  I sank deep past the top of my boot.  A feeling of excitement welled up in my belly.  Step by step I made my way, giggling with joy.  Everyone was out! It was a snow day!  There were neighbors shoveling snow and kids building snowmen, pets on a morning walk with their owners, prancing in the frozen fluff.  People pulling their children and friends in sleds down the streets. 

Despite the cold, the city was alive with enthusiasm!  No school, no work and all play.  What a wonderful way to wake up! To see this wonderful winter landscape and the excitement of the people finding their fun in the fresh fallen snow.