Is Your Brand One of a Kind or Are You Lost in the Crowd?


I have been doing some serious thinking lately and I really hope you read on because this relates to all of us. 

I keep thinking about branding and how there are so many beautiful brands but they can often look so similar.
The thing is, what makes our brand unique is us.  That's what we are told nowadays, right?  A brand is more than a logo and colors, it is a collection of beliefs, ideas, motivations and attitude, that are completely our own, that set us apart in this over saturated world.
That is something that, as a small business owner, I desperately want to do; set myself apart.  I have a feeling you do too!
Personalized, professional photography is expensive especially for a small business. It is necessary for some things but what about all of the other times you need great photos? Photos that send a message about what you stand for, how you (as a business) operate, and share a feeling or expression of who you are.
Styled stock photography is an amazing way to have beautiful photos that speak to your brand at a fraction of the cost, but what if you can't seem to find those images that speak to your brand and to your ideal clients?  I see a lot of gorgeous styled stock images but they all seem the same to me.

If you would indulge me, I think I can figure out what kind of imagery there is a real need for that isn't found anywhere else.  I have a feeling that there are some of us out there who's brand speaks to a different audience and we need photos that speak directly to them. 
Does this sound like you?

Will you take a minute and leave a comment and tell me exactly what you are looking for?
If you don't even know, take another moment and answer these questions and I can figure out what to do next.

How do you want people to feel when you are in the room?

What do you want people to say about you at your funeral? (seems kind of dark but ...)

What do you find visually appealing? 
Clean whites, moody images, cozy texture, etc. and how does this speak to who you are as a person? (Ex. maybe you are a neat freak and like clean whites and minimalism.  Maybe you have a lot of emotion and you find that moody images speak to you more.)  

What are 3 core beliefs that you have?  Not necessarily in business but in life.

What is your business?  What do you offer that is different from the competition?

I know we are all busy and this is probably not on your to-do list, but answering these questions will not only help you clarify your brand ideals but it will also help me provide you with a style of images you actually need!  Having imagery that communicates exactly who you are to your ideal clients can be a game changer for you and your business.

Are you in?