3 Steps to a Cohesive Instagram Feed

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Being an entrepreneur is so unique these days. On one hand, we have the ability to create this beautifully curated design of who we are and what our business is and stands for.

On the other hand, almost any business is a saturated market and we strive to stand out among the rest. In every industry we see people doing what we are doing and doing it well. To stay in the running you must have scroll stopping imagery, great content, a cohesive feel across every aspect of your branding, and so much more.

Rather than overwhelm ourselves, let’s start small and focus on one of the great free marketing resources of our time, Instagram.
How do you get that ever-elusive clean, cohesive feel? Read on, my friend!

So you have a brand. Maybe you haven't exactly gotten that part all figured out quite yet, that's ok!
There is a lot to cover on branding that I simply don't have time to go into here, but think about what you want your brand to feel like. Is it light and airy, natural and clean, dark and moody, bold and colorful? Piece together some ideas.

Follow the steps below to maintain consistency on instagram and beyond!

1. A mood board is a wonderful way to stay on brand. Whenever you question whether an image fits with your brand just glance at your mood board and if it doesn't match, don't use it!

What is a mood board? It is basically a collage (whether digital or tangible) of colors, textures, images, etc. Below is a photo of my very tangible mood board I made from magazine clippings. Now that you have a good idea where you are headed (maybe you’ve known all along) you can start seeking out images that fit your brand to fill your Instagram feed.

My mood board is my no means perfect and it doesn't have to be. It is there for you to draw inspiration from and to keep you focused on your brand colors and feel so you don't accidently stray.

My mood board is my no means perfect and it doesn't have to be. It is there for you to draw inspiration from and to keep you focused on your brand colors and feel so you don't accidently stray.

2. Download an app like Preview and use it! Preview is great because you can upload all your photos to the app and lay them out in a way that is visually appealing and balanced. Then you can add your caption and hashtags and upload straight from there to your page. I use it all the time. It is free but you get additional features if you pay for the upgraded version. I, however, use the free version. This app takes all the stress out of posting since you can plan months of posts in advance if you are feeling ambitious.

3. In order to plan that far in advance you actually need to have a ton of professional quality imagery to get started. Lets just face a hard fact right now.. DIY iPhone pics don't look professional! (I know there are certain instances where they look decent, don't get me wrong.)

look at any flourishing business you follow on social media, I guarantee they have nice, professional, consistent imagery.

So, If you have a camera, and know how to use it, start looking for settings where the subject matter RELEVANT to your brand and colors on your mood board are represented and take some photos. Editing can be a great way to keep the color scheme cohesive by using presets, brightening images and sometimes using filters.

Not all of us are photographers, DO NOT fear. That is exactly why styled stock photos exist. It is seriously the most affordable and impactful way to appeal to your audience without paying for expensive, personalized photography and without compromising your brand. Yes, chances are you may need some personalized photography for products or portraits of yourself but, in order to compete with the algorithm, you need to be posting quality images DAILY.

Styled stock photography is how people are doing it. This is the reason I create collections of imagery grouped together by color or by subject matter.

Perhaps you are a nutritionist who uses bright, bold colors.

Maybe you are in the skin care industry with a clean, neutral palette.

Perhaps you are a wellness blogger who loves a clean earthy feel.

Can you see how stock images can help create a cohesive vibe and even help express who you are?!

My collection of stock images focuses on the wellness industry I use earthy natural elements and tones creating a calming vibe. I do have some bolder moodier images as well. You may have a different vibe to your brand and that is perfectly wonderful. However, if you feel drawn toward any of the images above we may be a perfect fit for each other.

I truly believe that with these 3 adjustments, your feed will change dramatically! In fact, I’d love to see before and after photos!

I challenge you to screen shot your top 9 as they are right now and in a month I want you to take another screen shot of your top 9 and look how far you have come! How much more engagement and audience growth have you seen? Please send me the results!! I may even share them and your business if you would like!

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