7 Reasons to Choose Boutique Stock Photography Shops Over the "Big Guys"

7 Reasons to use boutique stock photo sites smaller.png

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to talk about some things dear to my heart, styled stock photography and small businesses.
If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you are already using stock photos. They play such an important role in helping small businesses bring their brands to life!

There are so many stock sites out there; Stocksy, Getty, iStock, Shutterstock, and so many more. Those are the big companies, the corporate world, if you will.

I don’t know about you but if you are an entrepreneur you likely aren’t fond of a corporate work environment. You went out on a limb and started your own business and you know what it’s like to be a small fish in a big pond.

Well, did you know that there are boutique stock photography shops? (hint: I have one of them) We are the small businesses of stock photography.

Here are a few reasons to choose these shops over the big guys.

  1. Supporting small businesses.
    You are voting with your money and if you go with the big companies, you are voting against small businesses. If you are a small business like me, then you know we have to sick together. We need to support each other, am I right?

  2. More personalized images.
    Boutique shops create images that have a very branded look and feel. There are intentional color choices and subject matter geared towards entrepreneurs. My shop, The Stock Market Photos, is geared towards health and wellness professionals, bloggers, moms who want to be healthy, etc. Boutiques shops images don’t look like stock photos. They are thoughtful, beautiful and specific, not generic and general.

  3. Fewer copies seen all over the internet.
    At The Stock Market Photos, I only sell 50 copies of each image, worldwide. That means, while you will not be the sole owner of the image, you are far less likely to see it on every health and wellness website like so many images we have all see 1000 times.

  4. Memberships!
    Memberships are amazing. You can make one payment a month ($33 for The Stock Market Photos) and you get either a select number of downloads for that price, or in my case, unlimited downloads!! That is an amazing deal considering the work that goes behind these images.

  5. One Stop Shopping.
    Forget scouring the internet all day long looking for the 5-10 images you need just for your blog, email, social scheduling, etc. Get them all in one place!! The stock Market has so many wellness related categories with more being added each month.

  6. A Cohesive Look.
    When you get all of your images in one place is is easy to create a cohesive look across all of your branding. This is especially important since consistency in branding is key to brand recognition.

I hope you can see the value in choosing a boutique shop over the generic big names out there. We really do vote with our dollars so vote for something you believe in and support like-minded entrepreneurs.

Try it out by grabbing 10 FREE images here!