5 Best Apps for Creating Gorgeous Social Media Posts.

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Do you find yourself drooling over posts you see on social media and wonder how those people have it so together?

From Pinterest to Instagram stories to FB banners and posts, it seems that every small business has mastered graphic design and marketing doesn’t it? 

Well the truth is, there are some amazing FREE apps out there that have done the hard work for you.  All you have to do is supply the imagery and the wording and you too can look professional and perfectly together!


So here is a list of my top 5 apps for creating amazing posts and an overview of what they do!

1.       Word Swag.  This app is soooooo simple to use and it will up your game in no time flat.

Word Swag is the first app I started using to overlay text on my images.  You simply choose an image from your phone, choose a format that the app will crop your photo to fit into (Pinterest, Instagram, Instagram Stories, FB Banners, etc.), then you choose from their fonts to type up your message, and BOOM!  You are done. 
This app has tricks to help your text stand out by brightening or darkening your image and choosing from various text colors.  It is very user friendly and a great place to start. 

You can see I lightened the image just a bit so the text would pop more than it would have. This is super simple!

You can see I lightened the image just a bit so the text would pop more than it would have. This is super simple!


2.       Over. This free app with available upgrades offers quite a bit more functionality.  They have tons of tips and tutorials to help you with your visual branding.  They also have templates you can choose from where you simply insert your images where the example image is and change the text to convey your message.   You can create your own collages, overlay text, schedule posts, organize your projects, create a team account where your whole team can see everything in one place.  How many of the features you choose to use is up to you.  If this sounds like a lot, fear not, it is pretty simple to get started and explore more as you feel comfortable.

Here are a few things I have created on Over…



3.       Mojo.  This app is great because it brings your stories to life with slideshow effects. It has many free options and much more when you upgrade.  It is really fun to create Instagram stories with this app.  When you upgrade you can add your own logo and fonts!

 While I can’t capture the slideshow effect on these photos, here are a couple examples of what I have created on Mojo…


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4.       Desygner.  This is another free app with upgrades available.  I discovered this app not long ago and am quickly finding it to be a favorite.  It offers much more than social media posting options.  It has everything from presentation creation to menus and price lists, book covers to magazines.  I still have yet to dive into many of the features.  I highly recommend this app for people who are doing a lot of different design work for their business.



5.       Canva.  Canva is similar to Desygner.  There are tons of options for things to create.  Use their templates or create your own designs.  I use this on my computer all the time and it is a lifesaver.  I thought it was going to be complicated when I saw what people had created in Canva but it is actually extremely user friendly.  I only wish I had started using it sooner.

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Now you know that it doesn’t take insane design skills to create beautiful ads and posts for your business.
I know you can handle these apps and if you are not tech savvy at all then start with Word Swag.

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